Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday With Travis Gordon

Is #throwbackthursday still a thing? If so, then here's a match from June 27, 2015 featuring high-flying beefcake Travis Gordon against an opponent who's about three times his size, Ace Romero. You can watch a four-minute excerpt of the match here. Match photos below are by Paparazzo Photography. Also, if Ace Romero looks familiar to you, you may have seen him in some specialty videos from Muscle Domination Wrestling and Cameron Matthews' Wrestler4Hire where he wrestles as The Mountain.


  1. I love "Big vs Small" matches like this and its even better if its Travis... thanks for posting

  2. Those cursed, big, red ropes tend to ruin otherwise excellent photos. TT

    1. But the ropes are such useful tools for adding to the punishment :)