Saturday, February 12, 2011

And Now We Are One

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Beefcakes of Wrestling turns one year old this weekend! Wow, it's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since my first post (a single photo of Anthony Bravado, no write-up).  Back then I wasn't sure what I was doing -- you might say I'm still not sure -- and it took me several weeks to find the "voice" of this blog.

I always envisioned Beefcakes of Wrestling to be like a photo album or scrapbook, i.e. lots of pictures and just a little bit of writing. A lot of bloggers and webmasters out there do a fantastic job of articulating their thoughts and writing about this obsession we all share. I've always been more of a visual person myself, so you won't find colorful commentary or a discussion of wrestling holds here and for that I do apologize.

However, I love to do research online and I enjoy curating images and since I think about pro wrestling every single day, I thought, "why not create a blog where I can combine the two?" That's how this  hobby of mine came about.

A big Beefcake thanks to all of you who follow this blog regularly (74 people I would someday love to meet in person!) and to those who look in on it every so often. I'd also like to thank every person who has emailed me with words of encouragement and appreciation as well as those who simply asked questions, requested I feature certain wrestlers and answered my many "who is this beefcake" queries. Thank you also to those who leave comments; your words truly make my day!

A big shout out goes to this blog's regular contributors -- Jim from Chicago,  David -- you guys take awesome photos! And thanks too to those wrestling bloggers and webmasters who inspire me to work on Beefcakes of Wrestling: Joe of Ringside At Skull Island, Bard of NeverlandThe Wrestling Arsenal among others. You guys do great work!

Phew! This has been the longest post I have ever written. I'll wrap it up now with a mini-gallery of Beefcakes who have been featured here over the last 12 months. These are wrestlers I would love to see more of. (You can click on their names in the labels section on the right if you want to see their older posts.)

Bazooka Joe

Jimmy Preston

Chris Andrews

The Cougar Kid

The Gemini Trojans (Twins who sometimes wrestle each other!)

Josh Daniels

Matt Duval

Vic Capri -- retired but not forgotten

Anthony Bravado 


  1. Congratulations, Bruno! Beefcakes of Wrestling is a favorite of mine. The muscle gods of pro wrestling could not have a better home than this. These pictures are fantastic.

  2. Bruno Congratulations and Happy Birthday! You have a great blog and you do a great job of showing sexy pics of these wonderful Men. You have a great blog keep up the fantastic work.

  3. Thanks, guys! Though a lot of the credit should go to the original photographers of these amazing photos (I forgot to thank them in my post)...people like Scott Finkelstein, Christine Coons, Tony Knox, to name just a few. Without them, there wouldn't be a Beefcakes of Wrestling.

  4. Thanks for all the posts! Keep 'em coming!

  5. Happy One Year Anniversary! The blogosphere is a better place for having you.

  6. Kudos on this entertaining (and hot) blog ... the photos are great but so is your prose when you get in the mood to write... keep on posting! peace out, Ray