Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daniel Rodimer vs Tommy Suede

It was about a year ago that I posted my first Daniel Rodimer feature. Several months later, contributor Jim from Chicago emailed me a set of Rodimer match photos. But after that, I couldn't find anything else on this 6 ft. 9. in., 295 pound heel who used to wrestle for Deep South Wrestling (he seems to have disappeared from the face of pro wrestling)...until yesterday. Here are screencaps from an older match between Rodimer and fan favorite Tommy Suede. You can watch the entire match -- and these wrestlers' need for an acting coach -- here.
Rodimer Makes His Entrance

Tommy Suede

The Ref Likes What He Sees


  1. Tommy Suede was a discovery for me a couple years back because he is a dead ringer for the straight porn star Julian. I think the company was called WXW or something. And I found some DVD and was excited because one was a big feud he had with the vicious "Homicide". Unfortunately, it was better in the write up and the product was dull.

  2. Whoops. I mean the 2006 "Tommy Suede"

    This 2010 version is not bad. Not bad at all.

  3. Well, this is my last post on the matter, I promise. It's the same dude and this YouTube was from 2006 era too. Anyway, the guy had a beefy gorgeous ass and was built for long, brutal squashes. It's a shame when you find old matches on DVD and order and it's crap. What a waste!

  4. HOT! Love when guys wear the rubber lookin shorts

  5. Daniel Rodimer is pretty much my ultimate fantasy.