Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Pro Wrestling Gay?

Brock Lesnar plants one on Kurt Angle here.

And you thought you could only see this kind of action on BG East or Can-Am!


  1. Its gay but its not its got the perfect combo for sure

  2. Two masculine men meet in a ring in nothing but skimpy trunks for combat? Yep, tres-gay. But it used to be a lot better without trying and venturing into camp. In fact, when you had a handsome "face" (oh, Rick Martel, Terry Taylor) battling a vicious brute (Oh, Iron Shiek or Killer Khan) it was as gay as it could get. But gay doesn't mean done for laughs. It was a f###ing turn-on.

    I remember reading Bill Watts of the old Mid-South brought in "hunks" like The Fantastics and Terry Taylor "to be sex-appeal to appeal to the women, and they came in droves". He did things right. Vince McMahon killed it.

  3. who are the guys in the second to last pic?