Friday, February 11, 2011

Ron Ritchie vs Scott Ferris

I found this (I'm guessing) late 1980s match featuring perennial good guy Ron Ritchie (in yellow) vs. evil Scott Ferris (in blue) on You Tube. It's one of those good old-fashioned pro wrestling matches you don't get to see very often these days. Watch it here.

So who is Ron Ritchie anyway? According to the SLAM! Canadian Hall of Fame webpage, Ronald Rychliski (5 ft. 11 in., 235 pounds) debuted in 1978. "His first success came in the old Central States area,based out of Kansas City. He held the tag titles there in 1983 with George Wells. In Stampede Wrestling, he held their top belt, the North American title in 1986. In the late 80s and early90s, Ritchie was a regular with the CNWA in Calgary. He held their heavyweight title during 1990 and 1991."
Ron Ritchie

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