Friday, February 4, 2011

El Elegido's Ring Entrance

In my previous post, I mentioned that Mexican luchador El Elegido has an "unusual" ring entrance. After stepping into the ring, he strips off his black cloak, shows off his muscular body to the appreciative audience and then dances, no gyrates, for several minutes as the crowd goes wild. Is this guy a stripper/exotic dancer by day, luchador by night? The screencaps below are from one of El Elegido's ring entrances. I didn't crop or alter any of these shots; they're exactly the way they were shown on Mexican television.

You can watch the aforementioned clip here. But wait! There's more! As if dancing provocatively wasn't enough, El Elegido also gives lap dances and grinds against his female fans. Watch the fun here.

At one point, El Elegido's opponent joins in and thrusts this young lady's face into his crotch. Yes, little Mexican children are watching this.


  1. His dancing makes me love him that much more wow cant believe what a great ass he has, and that this is shown like this on tv is awesome

  2. elgeido is just wonderful in the wrestlng ring he has a gorgeous body with mucles and a big whakker and shows them off and the crowd likes to see it