Sunday, February 20, 2011

TJ Perkins

In the previous post, there was a photo of a masked wrestler from Lucha Libre USA named Sydistiko. Sydistiko is actually 26 year old Filipino-Irish-American indie wrestler TJ Perkins. Would you believe that TJ started wrestling professionally at the age of 15? He was perceived to look too young so he was made to wear a mask. To get to the wrestling arena, the older wrestlers would pick him up from school early on Fridays. TJ has since wrestled under different names like Pinoy Boy (Pinoy means Filipino), JT Quinn, Cobra II, and Puma. He's no longer wrestling as Sydistiko (Paul London has taken over as Sydistiko II), but he's still active in the indie circuit. (Photos by Christine Coons)


  1. I agree, he has a hot physique and great technique!

  2. Love the story of TJ wearing a mask because he looked too young. Pretty amazing!

  3. Check out his pics as El Bombero in Lucha VaVoom...micro briefs hide NOTHING...looks pretty nicely 'gifted'...all the chicks on twitter constantly ask him to marry them or go to their prom...they must not know he is 32 now lol...he turns them down pretty cleverly tho