Friday, September 30, 2011

Jim "Shoots" Brian Nelson

Last week, regular contributor Jim of Chicago shared photos he took of Greg Glover who is one-half of the tag team "If Looks Could Kill." This week, Jim emailed me pics of Greg's partner Brain Glover, a beefy All-American with the build of a quarterback. Jim writes: "Here are some pics I took of Brian Nelson the same night I took Greg Glover's on Sept. 17th in River Grove, IL.  The following is taken off the results board regarding the match: "Austin Roberts beat the other half of If Looks Could Kill, Brian Nelson, and while Nelson surely held his own, he did suffer a brutal beating. Roberts disheartened the audience, as everyone hoped for Nelson to win the match and qualify for the modified Ladder match next month." Thanks as always for the great photographs, Jim!


  1. Brian is one sexy hunk! He does have a nice package, and great butt. Definitely want to wrestle him. Thanks again Jim.