Saturday, September 10, 2011

Masthead Beefcake Identified

A reader of this blog emailed me to ask who the beefcake in the masthead photo is. Regrettably, I didn't have the answer to his question; I told him I came across the photo on a wrestling site about a couple of years ago, but the wrestler in question was not identified. Wanting to know the answer, the reader, musclemanfan_nz, reposted the image on The Musclemen of Wrestling message board and asked if anyone could identify him. Lo and behold, Dr. Fever provided the answer and ontmusc confirmed it; the mystery man in the masthead appears to be one Nick Dinsmore. Now if that name is familiar to you, it's because Dinsmore became more well-known as WWE's Eugene (yes, that Eugene). Who knew Eugene had a slammin' bod when he was part of the Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion? Let's take a look at some pics.

Early photo of Dinsmore

Dinsmore (right) and a young Rob Conway (left)

As WWE's Eugene. I hated this ridiculous gimmick.

Dinsmore today. 

These days, Nick Dinsmore is a pro wrestling trainer/instructor for OVW. Check out his webpage here.


  1. Cool to see pics of him over the years he really has changed

  2. I much preferred his look and persona as Nick instead of the buffoonish Eugene. Still, I appreciate his contributions to wrestling and his training new recruits. Thanks for the post.