Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jim "Shoots" TJ Steel

Regular contributor Jim from Chicago sent me a collection of photos he took of "The Prince of Pro Wrestling" TJ Steel. Jim says TJ first appeared in the Chicago scene in the Spring of 2010. As you can see from Jim's pics below, TJ has changed his look a few times since then. I'm still trying to find TJ's stats; in a recent match, his weight was billed as being "too much" (watch the video here). Thanks, Jim, for the heads up on this beefcake! (More TJ Steel next week.)


  1. Someone take a pair of scissors to those silvery shimmery long pants and make a pair of speedos out of them

  2. I'm with you on this one, Mark. It looks like he's got some black speedos underneath the silver shorts. Someone should just rip those shorts off him.

  3. When I saw the double biceps shot, I immediately thought, "Ooh, if he's wearing trunks, I think I'm in love!" Oh, well...