Monday, September 5, 2011

Jim "Shoots" Two Amazing Discoveries

Here's a great set of brand new photos from regular contributor and photographer extraordinaire Jim from Chicago. Here's what Jim wrote in his email to me: "It isn't too often that you see two powerhouses wrestle each other, and it is really rare when they turn out to be my local favorites! "Ruthless" Ramon Rodriguez just recovered from a leg injury which had him sidelined for months, and who is his first opponent, none other than Milad Akbar, the Persian Powerhouse. Two powerhouses, one from Mexico and the other Iran! The show was held on August 27th in Elk Grove Village, IL and the promotion, POWW Entertainment.  Before they actually wrestled they put on a muscle display for the much appreciative audience.  In the end it was Ramon who won the match with a pin." Jim has already shared pics of Milad with us before (click on the label with his name at the bottom of this post to see them) but this is the first time I've seen or heard of "Ruthless" Ramon. Illinois seems to be a hotbed of great wrestling action and beefcake! Thanks as always, Jim for spotting great talent!

Keep an eye on Milad. I think he'll go places.


  1. As always Jim got some great shots! What a hot match this looks like it was

  2. If not for "Beefcakes..." and Jim, I would be unaware of Milad and that would not be good....- You always bring the latest hotties and best photos.......Thanks

  3. Both hunks are smoking hot! Don't know which one I like better.