Friday, October 14, 2011

Beefcakes In Action (WWE Edition)

Love 'em or hate 'em, WWE has some of the "smokingest" hot beefcake around. Just check out these images of beefcake overload from recent WWE shows.

On a semi-related note, congratulations to one of this blog's followers, Stay Puft, for starting his own wrestling-themed blog called Inner Jobber (great blog name!). I just signed up as a follower of his blog and so far, I like what I see! Stay Puft has written about some of my favorite wrestling beefcake like Matt Striker and this fellow below...

Go check out Inner Jobber and be a follower of this promising new blog.


  1. I love the term you used, "beefcake overload." I'm always torn on those matches with so many people. On the one hand, there are usually some really watchable people in there, but on the other hand, it's so hard to focus on one, and the camera cuts around so much... Ultimately it's good I think, because unfortunately, a lot of these guys don't get a lot of TV time, so it's the only chance to see them.

    And thanks for the kind words! I've got to say I was nervous at first, but it's turned out to really reinforce my sense of community in our little wrestling-kinked corner of the interweb.

  2. I just saw the 41 man royal rumble this Friday, and I must say, overload indeed. So many hot hunks were on there, I didn't know who to look at. I missed who won in the end though.