Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Try That Again

First of all, let me apologize for posting the wrong link to the Hector Garza/AJ Styles match the other day. I've rectified it and you should now be able to watch these two beefcakes in their sweaty, fast-paced bout. Here's another match with Hector Garza, my favorite Mexican wrestler, this time facing a youngster named Jack Evans. Watch it here (and this time, it's the right link).

Another gratuitous shot of Hector's ass.


  1. Thanks, Bruno.

    And you're so right, Leatherpigboy...Garza's yellow trunks ARE grrreat! Garza's repeated "thumbsucking" gestures look VERY suggestive. Sure - by sucking his thumb as he's looking over at Evans, Garza APPEARS to be commenting on the fact that his opponent's more a young child than a man. But if you just happen to catch Garza's 'semi-erection'...I mean, it's pretty friction' OBVIOUS - as he's celebrating his victory at the end of the match by standing proudly atop the corner ropes, it seems that Garza's interested in more than just "pinning" Evans in the RING! (It's too bad that the cameramen didn't follow the two wrestlers into the SHOWERS afterwards. I would've bet Garza's THUMB wouldn't have been the ONLY thing that his sexy tongue would've been wrapped around!) Lucky Evans!

  2. Love the yellow trunks on Garza -- magnificent! This wrestler really understands what looks good in the ring.