Friday, October 21, 2011

Claudio Fights A Girl (And Gets His Sweet Ass Kicked)

I don't think I will ever get used to seeing a pro wrestling match between a male wrestler and a female wrestler. To me, it's bizarre, ridiculous and yes, even disturbing. There's just something misogynistic about it even if it is a scripted performance. One such match between Claudio Castagnoli and Sara Del Rey took place this summer at the Chikarasaurus Rex event (Chikara is an independent wrestling company based in Philadelphia, PA). The Dirty Dirty Sheets website posted this report on the match: "Sara was in the rare spot of facing an opponent bigger and stronger than her. Claudio pushed her around, tossing her by her hair across the ring. Sara used her deadly kicks and knees to even the odds, waylaying Claudio several times with vicious strikes. However, Castagnoli kept the advantage for the most part, responding with thunderous strikes of his own including a decapitating lariat that sent Sara flying through the air. Claudio picked Sara off of the mat twice instead of getting what would have surely been a three count. He paid for his arrogance though, as Sara recovered and rolled him up for the victory as the crowd exploded." So what do you think of mixed pro wrestling? Is it just a fad or do you think this could be the start of something big?


  1. Not sure how I feel about mixed pro wrestling; I remember Chyna from the WWE wrestling the British Bulldog... however, if my girl leaves the guy lying on the mat, dazed, or better yet, out cold, I'm all for it!
    By the way, the difference in Claudio's @$$ between pictures 1 and 4 is noteworthy... reminds me of that shampoo commercial... from flat to fluffy!

  2. To me, a guy getting beaten up by a girl CAN be hot, but a girl getting beaten up by a guy is just disturbing.

    While searching YouTube for El Elegido matches, I found one mixed tag match where, unlike the WWE, the teams could fight male vs. female. But Elegido, perhaps since he was the good-natured good guy (tecnico), never attacked his female opponent (other than perhaps a light-hearted spank). He ultimately lost, however, due to outside interference from a little person headbutting his bulging groin. Poor guy.