Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vintage Beefcakes of Wrestling - Reggie Parks

Several months ago, I posted some images of 1960s wrestling star Reggie Parks. Here are a few more pics of him I found online. Originally from Canada, Parks moved to Nebraska to become a pro wrestler up till the mid-80s.  He's been called by many names in his career - "The Quiet Superman," "The Avenger," and "The Man With The Cast Iron Stomach," a name earned by having people drive vehicles over his mid-section. Parks is perhaps best known as "The King of Belts" because he started a second career as a maker of some of the most famous championship belts in the wrestling business. Now based in Arizona, Parks is still busy making belts for the MMA, UFC and various boxing federations. Watch Parks in a classic match against uber-heel Fritz Von Erich here.

Parks and Doug Gilbert with the very 1st belts he made for AWA.

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