Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brandon T/Kenneth Cameron : Then Or Now?

Before "becoming" Kenneth Cameron in Florida Chanpionship Wrestling, Brandon T was a handsome indie wrestler in the UK who looked like this:

When he first joined FCW, this is what the 6 ft. 3 in., 220 pound Thomas Raymond Latimer (his real name) looked like:

His current persona is as a member of the heel tag team The Ascension (with Conor O'Brian). Brandon/Kenneth looks like he's packed on more muscle and as part of the "demonic" tag team, he now has to wear spooky contact lenses and black nail polish. In June 2012, The Ascension made their debut on the first episode of the sixth season of WWE NXT where they defeated the tag team of Mike Dalton and CJ Parker. So which version of Brandon/Kenneth do you prefer? Brandon then? Or Kenneth now?


  1. Now. They look like a pretty hot tag team!

  2. Then. Though The Ascension has a pretty cool entrance, I'm not really feeling their dark, gothy look.