Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Grimm Lantern

I'm not sure if indie wrestler Grimm is referencing comic book superhero The Green Lantern with his look...

...well, probably not. But the colors and "masked" portion around the eyes make me think of The Green Lantern every time I see pics of the young wrestler. I believe he's doing more of an updated Grim Reaper look (check the graphics on the side of his tights). These photos were taken by our regular contributor Jim from Chicago who went to a Chicago Style Wrestling show on Aug. 17 featuring Grimm and his tag team partner Steve Boz vs. the team of Elite Payne (Marco Anthony and Hunter Payne). Grimm and Boz defeated their opponents to become the new CSW Tag Team Champions. Thanks as always for the awesome pics, Jim!


  1. Thanks for sharing the great pics ..
    It seems like Grimm is doing the 2012 version of the original 'Sting', but I can see the GL reference too...
    Awesome job on the blog!