Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Miller Time!

Making his first appearance here on Beefcakes of Wrestling is a young newcomer from Florida named Mikey Miller. These photos of Miller were taken by none other than our hard-working regular contributor Jim from Chicago. Jim shot these pics at The Wolverine Pro Wrestling show held in Detroit, Michigan on August 3. He describes Miller as being "fresh off the college mats with a little cauliflower on the ears." Miller's opponent in this match is "Mad Dragon" Hakim Zane and though he lost to the more experienced heel, Jim says the young wrestler put up a hell of a fight. Thanks for the pics, Jim!

Miller needs better fitting ring gear. These look like they might slide off him.


  1. Just the right amount of scruff, nice build, just needs tighter briefd, but pictures 5 and 6 are doing it for me

  2. Yeah. Mikey's trunks remind me of a baggy/saggy blue satin diaper. What's up with this cheap, oversized, unflattering material? Just slip on a nice, snug-fitting speedo, Mikey, and show us WHAT YOU'VE GOT!

    1. He probably borrowed it from a bigger wrestler.

  3. Hey guy's, in regards to his loose fitting trunks...Having been there myself...when your paying for wrestling school... money on gas...and not being able to work full time to earn loads of cash..Money is tight, so sometimes the gear you have isn't the best. But when you love something and WANT TO DO work with what you have, or what is lent to you. Give the kid sure in the end..he is going to be HOT-HOT-HOT !!