Friday, August 17, 2012

Tyler Reks : Then or Now?

Which "version" of Tyler Reks do you like more? This is what he looked like when he first appeared on WWE -- he had dreads, wore black ring gear and had a hairy upper body.

And this is what he looks like today -- he still has the trademark dreads, but he now wears chartreuse ring gear and he's shaved or waxed his torso.


  1. I preferred the hairy chest look. It made him look more animalistic.

  2. I'm not so bothered by the shaved torso, and so many wrestlers are using black. I think the brightly colored trunks are because he's in a tag team, but I hope he never stops wearing trunks. In fact, I'd rather Curt Hawkins goes back to trunks!

    1. Oops! I hadn't seen this week's Smackdown. Love the Magic Mike gimmick, especially that Curt Hawkins has returned to trunks. Unfortunately, I expect it to last as long as John Morrison's dance gimmick did, so I'll enjoy it while I can.

  3. Hey, we all have our LIKES, and DISLIKES, what get's us going and what doesn't. Im a Bear chaser and gotta say, Rek's had the OLD SCHOOL look with his hairy chest, and I LOVED it. Memories of Arn Anderson, Paul Orndorff and so many of the Old School guy's came to mind when I watched Reks in the ring. To bad he shaved, now im Depressed !!

  4. Reks is still great-looking, but I prefer the hairy torso!

  5. He's just sexy, either way. If I had to pick I think I'd go with "Then", as the hair adds a bit more sex appeal. Too many are shaved/waxed these days.