Friday, August 10, 2012

Grimm and Bear It

Indie wrestler Grimm was first brought to my attention by one of this blog's regular contributors, Jim from Chicago. I still haven't been able to find any stats on him -- age, height, weight, years in the business -- but I did find a few more pics of him online. To see Grimm's first feature on Beefcakes, click here.

Who's that suffering at the bottom of the photo? Is it Justified?


  1. I'd love to "squeeze" a couple parts of those lime-green tights of his, and see if I can get some "juice" out of them! Grrrr.

  2. His gear reminds me of Sting (in his early WCW days), with less junk in his trunk. Would love to see him in action.

  3. Sorry, It's not that hard to see that Grimm is a Goodlooking guy. In fact, he's a Hot looking guy. The FACE PAINT..has to go as far as im concerned. Sting was just as Hot, yet with all the Make-up I just couldn't get into any of his matches once the Paint got messy....Yuck.