Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Break Him, Ted!

Seeing Ted Diabiase, Jr. work over the annoying Santino Morella in a recent WWE Superstars match made my day. I can't stand Morella's juvenile and clownish antics. Unfortunately, Morella won the match. What's with the creatives at WWE?


  1. Ted's looking as good as ever! And ordinarily I love watching Ted as jobber get beaten in a match, he's just so HOT. But sadly, Santino makes it so that even someone losing to him is kind of hard to take seriously. (And I hope this doesn't mean they're turning Ted heel again.)

  2. Totally agree with you Puft...Ted getting worked over and Punished is far Hotter than him working another Jobber over. He better suits the "Jobber" personna with his looks and new hot body. Plus the fact, when it is he that is getting a beating, that beautiful face is a piece of ART as he suffers. Now, as for Santino---> He ACT'S to the point of it not being LOGICAL, quite a joke actually...and it's now becoming B-O-O-R-I-N-G !! Smartin up Vince O'L boy!!