Monday, September 17, 2012

Ashton vs Samuray

Regular contributor Jim from Chicago is on a roll! Aside from taking awesome photos of Steven Walters at a Sept. 14 Resistance Pro Wrestling show in Chicago, he also took the set of jaw-dropping pics posted below. Here's Jim in his own words: "Here are pictures from another matchup on Friday Sept. 14th at the Resistance Pro show held in the Excalibur nightclub downtown Chicago. This match features Ashton Vuitton taking on Samuray Del Sol. Ashton arrived in a faux fur and did his catwalk strut around the ring before the match.  I believe this was Samuray's first appearance at Resistance Pro and he was indeed a hit.   He did lose the match by tapping out to hold you can see in the 2nd to last shot.  Even though he lost the match the crowd loudly chanted "Please come back!"

Are those Samuray's bootprints on Ashton's chest?

Fantastic pics as always, Jim! Thanks a million! 

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