Saturday, September 15, 2012

Steven Walters : Heel

Hot off the presses! Here's a fantastic batch of photos which were taken by this blog's regular contributor, Jim from Chicago just last night, Sept. 14 at a Resistance Pro Wrestling show held at The Excalibur nightclub in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Jim writes: "Steven Walters' opponent was the hometown favorite Robert Anthony formerly known as Ego Fantastico. Walters in his new role as heel had the crowd hollering.  There was one point where he did some pretty amazing moves and the crowd applauded to which he responded nastily,  "Don't cheer for me!". In the end thought is was Robert Anthony who rode off with the victory while Steven left the ring defeated with a bloody nose to boot."

Thanks for these awesome pictures, Jim! Looking forward to the next set!

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  1. Walters drives me crazy, but now that he's turned Heel, Im that much more crazy about him. I'd love to see matches where he is going against Hot Goodlooking Jobbers, where he Punishes and Works them over..and get's the WIN either by Pin or Submission.....Steven, if your going to Heel in a match, let's SEE some brutal heel action from you.