Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Couldn't Resist

Remember those photos of Steven Walters vs "The Ego" Robert Anthony that were taken by regular contributor Jim from Chicago and posted on this blog last week? Here are more pics of that Sept. 14 match from Resistance Pro (the indie company owned by Smashing Pumpkins' frontman Billy Corgan). (Photos courtesy of I reprinted the write-up about the match at the bottom of this post for those who'd like to know the details.

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"Ego is easily one of the top two performers in RPro and the one who is the most over. The fans were cheering for him the moment he came to the ring. Walters was no slouch this evening and this match gave him his best showing in the ring. He went toe to toe with ego trading blows and holds and the two put together a really good match that featured some brawling, reversals and good mat action. Neither one of them dominated the match and both looked strong the entire match. Eventually Ego was able to take advantage of Walters missing a big move and hit him with his “taco pizza” finisher which got a big pop from the crowd. This was an extremely strong way to start the show and Ego is clearly the top babyface in the company now thanks to him putting on such strong performances every time he steps into the ring. Walters finally got a real chance to shine here and he came out of this match looking good."

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