Thursday, September 20, 2012

RAW Spelled Backwards..., well, you know. Here are some amazing images from this week's WWE RAW.

Damien Sandow vs Zack Ryder

Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel

Sheamus vs Alberto del Rio


  1. Wade Barrett has a beard and Justin Gabriel's hair is getting long and floppy? Damn, maybe I shouldn't have stopped watching WWE! I love Zack's orange trunks, and I love how Damien Sandow wears HIS trunks. Yea for Raw hotness.

  2. I've not been a fan of WWE's for some time now, BUT..Having watched this entire show last week..I think Vince has moved towards more the OLD SCHOOL style that has been so missed over the past many years. In every match, I was so happy to see more Low Blows, Dirty Tactics, Hot Jobbers ie Ryder-Gabriel, getting Punished and Worked Over by Heel's ie: Barrett-Sandow. LOVE the selling of the Punishments, and the Cockieness of the Heels. Barrett kneeling over his victim..Fantastic..Sandow dropping his knees to Pretty boy Ryder..Awesome Move...And how Sheamus lines up a fist shot ( Woof!! ) Keep up the Great work Vince...and Im back as a WWE fan!!

  3. perhaps this is just coincidence, or my personal opinion, but Justin Gabriel with his beard reminds me a lot of John Morrison in his later time in the WWE. I personally was a huge fan of his, and I was quite a large fan of Justin without the beard, perhaps I just find it.. odd. Still think he's hot, I just hope they don't make him into a doormat like they did Morrison -who I feel deserved much more of a push-