Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Ashton vs Samuray

A few days ago, pictures taken by regular contributor Jim from Chicago of a match between Ashton Vuitton and Samuray Del Ray were featured on this blog. I recently came across more photos of said match on the Punk Vinyl website. Also included was a write-up about the match which I've reposted in its entirety at the bottom of this post. (Photos courtesy of

"Ashton came out in a black fur coat and got a ton of heel heet when he started posing and talking shit. Samurai was very quick and did a lot of cool moves including a sick looking flipping piledriver that was sort of like the Canadian Destroyer but he started it by jumping on top of Ashton. Ashton used his larger size and strength to take command for a lot of the match but also did some more acrobatic stuff too. The match was fast paced and almost non-stop action and pretty exciting. Ashton won with a dragon sleeper and continued his winning streak."

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