Thursday, September 13, 2012

Readers' Contributions

Every now and then, readers/members of this blog email me photos of beefcake wrestlers that they found online. Here are some of the more recent contributions I've received. The first set comes from John who writes: "since many can't get enough of Jessie (Godderz), I thought I'd send pics of him doing hand-twisting."

This next batch also comes from John and features a newcomer to Beefcakes of Wrestling, Andre Tyson (in red), shown here in a match against Doug Williams. Thanks for these pics, John.

And last but not least are photos of another newcomer to BoW, a wrestler from Halifax, Nova Scotia who goes by the name XXL. In case you're wondering, the 5 ft. 10 in. tall, 190 pound wrestler says his name stands for "X-treme, X-citing, and Luscious." Thanks to Allan for sending over these pics of XXL; Allan also contributed pics of Riddick Stone to this blog several weeks ago and he says that XXL and Roddick now wrestler a s a tag team.

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