Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Starr Is Born

Also making his debut here on Beefcakes of Wrestling is David Starr. I'd like to thank one of this blog's readers, Dr. Fever, for bringing Starr to my attention. Dr. Fever also provided me with all the photos you see below. Know more about "The Product", as Starr likes to refer to himself, by reading his bio at the bottom of this post.

'The Product' David Starr wrestles for CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling), EPCW and WXW.David Starr - 5ft. 11in., 211 lbs, -  was born February 19th 1991, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Starr began amateur wrestling in 1998 at the age of seven. He graduated from Abington High School in 2009 and is third all-time in wins at 92 career victories. He was top sixteen in NHSCA Senior Nationals, defeating state champion and state placers from Alaska, Utah, Florida, New Jersey and California.  Starr then went to Elizabethtown College, where he was a NCWA National Qualifier at 157 pounds.  Starr pays homage to his amateur career with his distinct tattoo on his right thigh of an adaptation of the USA Wrestling logo.


  1. I would love to wrestle him out of those trunks. He looks amazing. I have never seen him before, thanks for photos

  2. It must hurt like crazy, but the thigh tattoo is really hot on this young stud (...and on older stud - Vic Capri)