Sunday, March 10, 2013

An Update from Sexy Peter White

Austrian pro wrestler Sexy Peter White sent me an email with links to some videos he recently posted on YouTube. The first one shows him in a Royal Rumble match featuring several top European wrestlers like Michael Kovac and Chris Colen. You can watch it here. The second one shows him working out in the gym circa 2006. Watch Peter pump his muscles here. Thanks for writing in, Peter!
Sexy Peter White is on Facebook. Like his page here.


  1. That first pic isn't typical of SPW. It's the worst image of him I can recall seeing. Too hefty by far. I hope it's not his new reality. If it is the first part of his gimmick is less applicable

  2. Peter is a class act! Too bad more pros don't follow his lead and communicate with the best blog in wrestling!

    1. A couple of pro wrestlers have emailed me asking that their names and photos be removed from my blog. Maybe they don't want to have any fans or admirers.

  3. Bruno, My hat is off to Sexie Peter and his promotion for WANTING to be a part of this blog. They are BRIGHT -INTELLIGENT people who realize the many walks of LIFE that follow Pro Wrestling, and make it what is is today. CLOSED MINDED they are NOT! Kudos to all of them. As for the several PRO'S who have asked YOU to REMOVE them from this Blog. REMOVE THEM...BUT..POST to the many of us, THEIR names so as we can DELETE them from our list of Favorites ( should they be one ) and we can move on and admire the ones who WANT to be a part of this blog. Keep up the GOOD work Bruno.

  4. i pretty like sexy peter white and his "in ring attire". but i´m asking myself, why is he still just a small name? i mean, i believe he has "the look", or am i wrong!?