Friday, March 8, 2013

Pick Me Up

My good friend Jim from Chicago knows how to cheer me up. He emailed me these photos he took of one of my favorite Beefcakes of Wrestling, Vic Capri -- The Ice Pick, to serve as a "nice pick-me-up" (see what Jim did there) whilst I try to iron out some computer problems. These pics were taken at AAW's Heritage Title Tournament on January 25 in Berwyn, Illinois. Vic lost to his opponent Davey Vega, but these awesome shots still made my day. Thanks, Jim!


  1. Since April 2012 Vic Capri has appeared in 14 singles matches. He won seven of them, a good percentage. Yet apparently no photographers have caught these victories on their cameras or sent them to this blog.

    This is a similar case to Tony Nese, also with a 50% win record, but seemingly unrecorded photographically.

    I hope that the photogs aren't trying to tell that these guys are inherently less interesting in victory than in defeat, though Stay Puft may feel that way. But I refuse to believe it.

    Please send Bruno images of these guys in the ascendant!

  2. What a stunning body, every curve of that muscular frame is a joy to look at, mmm...

  3. As usual, Jim comes through with the HOTTEST photos of the HOTTEST pro studs- Thanks, Bruno for so generously sharing them......Good Lord!! that Vic C just keeps looking better and better!!!