Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On A Rampage

Over in the UK, Infinite Promotions recently put on a show that featured a match between Rampage Brown and Baby-faced Pitbull. You couldn't ask for more old school-looking wrestlers than these two. Brown is the hirsute heel, the yin to Baby-faced Pitbull's yang (I love the combination of soft and hard in his name). Both are thick, beefy, "speedo"-wearing scrappers who put on a good show for their appreciative fans. I hope this match makes its way to YouTube soon. I can't wait to see it. (Photos by Tony Knox)
Rampage Brown


  1. Way sexy! I love Rampage Brown's hairy legs. Pass the vapors!

  2. I LOVE the PILEDRIVER shots - (4th and 5th up from the end) - with PITBULL'S hungry face being TIGHTLY pressed right up SSSSNUGGLY against BROWN'S MASSIVE, STRAINING, TOUCH-TEMPTING, SWEATY BULGE! (VERY AROUSING STUFF!!!)

    I TOO, can't wait to view this WHITE HOT match on YouTube! GRRRRR!

  3. Those hairy legs are hot, and the piledriver shots...wow.

    If anyone finds a link to the match, please post it here...

  4. Rampage Brown is one hot beast of a wrestler.
    Wow, Pitbulls face was in one hot place.

  5. I first came across Rampage many months ago on Flickr. (Tony Knox photostream) He was working over some Hot lean Jobber. Incredible shots and talk about Rampage showing his sexie side? In one shot, he was kneeling over his Punished victim, staring down at what his handy work had done... Talk about one Hot man !! I fell in love with him looking at those Pic's. He will ALWAYS be my favorite British Heel. DE-LIC-IOUS !!