Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sheik To Sheik

My good friend/regular contributor to this blog Jim from Chicago emailed me a set of photos he took of Sheik Arya Daivari making his debut with indie federation Dreamwave. Daivari's match took place last Feb. 2 in La Salle, Illinois; his opponent was "Dirty DL" Dan Lawrence. Jim says Daivari won the match with a flying carpet leap off the top ropes. What's a flying carpet leap? That's when Daivari leaps off the rope with a small carpet (see photos) and splashes on top of his opponent who is laid out on the mat. The carpet isn't necessary, but it's a fitting "weapon" for someone who calls himself a Sheik. Thanks for these awesome pics, Jim.

1 comment:

  1. Over the years there's been a number of wrestlers using some variation of this schtick. Does anyone know of an instance in which two of them faced each other in the ring? There's been ones I can think of when both wrestlers are hot that would make a most entertaining match.

    Not the Iron Sheik, please!