Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Billy Gibson in Black or White?

Canadian indie wrestler Billy Gibson wants you to know he's a heel, but he's not sure which color of ring gear says "heel" better. Is it the black trunks or the white ones? What do you think? (I just made up that bit about Gibson not knowing which color trunks to use. He looks great either way, right?)
Black ring gear?

Or white?

Or perhaps silver?


  1. Billy Gibson's initials - "B.G." - could ALSO stand for "BIG GUNS", "BOUNCING GONADS", or perhaps even "BITABLE GLUTES"! Hey! He could also very easily be BG EAST's hunky poster boy!

    The final picture above makes me think that a big, black, hunky 'GENIE' has just slipped out through Billy's nice, tight butt-hole and is flexing his 'Bi's' threateningly at us, as if say, "That's right! I OWN this little bitch and I'm in charge of security for his REAR door...'butt' for 25 bucks, I'll let ANYBODY in! Shhhh." ;D

  2. Totally Black in my view...Sexie beyond words!! Honestly, I much prefer him in the Jobber roll ( far to goodlooking ) Would more enjoy seeing him on the receiving end of some Punishment, than that of dishing it out.

  3. While he looks great in both, I am a big fan of the black. I think it accentuates his very considerable physical attributes.

  4. The black's kinda badass...but the non-badassness of the white kind of appeals to me.

  5. I love seeing pics of this young stud. The black trunks are more heel but the white are good too. He'd look hot in anything, or nothing

  6. Hard to believe he's only 19 or 20 now. Those pics were all shot a couple of years ago at age 17.