Thursday, August 8, 2013


Tall, buff, strong...and just a little bit crazy. Read more about Psycho Mike Rollins in this 2012 article from SLAM Sports.


  1. Love the pic showing Rollins pummeling his opponent in front of the bar. How many times have I stood along a bar like that, sucking down some Jose Cuervos and dreaming about how hot the musclestud drinking next to me would look like wearing a pair of trunks like that. Barfights are so much better without shirts.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Rollins has a great body. Let's hope he does not decide to cover it up!

  3. I've never paid much attention to Rollins before but this set of pics made me change my mind. What a body. And the high cut angle of his trunks in the 3rd pic?? Whoa! I'd like to be the one to help him get his bikini line that smooth ;)