Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Showtime!

Want to see Clay Moore in action?

If you're in the North Carolina area, catch him in Dream Professional Wrestling's show this August 22nd (see flyer for details). And coming to this blog in a couple of days, brand new pics of Clay Moore in singles competition thanks to our good friend/contributor Jim from Chicago. Jim's photos are fantastic! Wait 'til you see them!

Meanwhile, if you're in the UK and want to see Leon Shah in action...

...come to Varsity Pro Wrestling's August 30th show in Portsmouth (see flyer for details).


  1. Looking forward to the Clay Moore post! His name's so cool and funny--like claymore, the two-handed sword. (But I don't know if that's so obvious that it didn't need mentioned? Is that common knowledge? Or kinda geeky?)

  2. Well, Stay Puft...I, for one, have now learned something NEW! Thank you for having helped to expand my knowledge .

    And now, it's time to diverge from talking about the 'head' ABOVE THE NECK, to address the one BELOW THE BELT: Oh what I wouldn't give to have my two hands (& lips) wrapped around Clay Moore's mighty 'Excalibur'!

  3. Sexy Mr. Moore's got just the right amount of pudginess/beefiness. Looks like he's got a massive bubblebutt too. Not sure about the Excalibur! LOL

  4. @ ontmusc1: 'Sexy' is the word! I remember experiencing the first stirrings of 'stiffies' while watching those pudgy/beefy wrestlers of the late 70's to mid 80's - usually newbie jobbers - who'd make their ring entrance looking as if they'd been shoe-horned into their nicely-bulging, tight, colourful, speedo-style trunks...Mmmm mmmm. They'd always have that stocky, muscular, solid, 'Stretch Armstrong' sorta' look; 5'9"-5'10" with huge quads, calves, a 'biteable' bubble butt, broad shoulders, chest, BULGING groin, (But I undress...Oops! I mean,...I mean DIGRESS!) That's a GRRRREAT look! I'd often fantasized - Hey! Who am I kiddin'??? I STILL do - about entering the ring, stopping time/freezing the action, and climbing on up into the ring with them so that I might have some hot, salacious 'fun' with their solid sexy bods. A short, stocky, muscular wrestler's incredible bubble butt is the very definition of PARTY TIME! ( I want MOORE! MOORE! MOORE!)