Thursday, August 22, 2013

Exclusive Clay Moore Photos

This blog's good friend/regular contributor Jim from Chicago has a fine treat for us today. Jim emailed me to say that he took a trip to Tennessee last weekend to attend a USA Championship Wrestling event. The Friday show was held in Woodbury and the first match of that evening featured Clay Moore. Jim writes: "This fellow is one class act. I've never seen a wrestler spend as much time with the fans as Clay, and believe me, they all adore him. In the opening match, Clay's opponent was Justin Grandberry. It was a pretty even match but ended when Justin's tag team partner, Shawn Hoodrich, interfered causing Clay to lose. Clay's tag team partner, Matt Boyce, came on the scene and had the crowd roaring "tag team match!" which took place later that evening. I'll send those pictures in the near future."  Jim, thanks for these awesome shots of Clay. I can't wait to see and share them with all the other Beefcake aficionados.


  1. Clay exemplifies the muscled jobberboy trope. I wouldn't complain if we never see him win a match.

  2. Jim, I live in Middle Tennessee myself. Next time you're in the area, I can suggest a few other very photogenic wrestlers you might enjoy. Our area has several.

    1. Jampathal, Thanks that would be great! Jim (Sayuncle)

  3. As the one who drew him to your attention, I am glad he is so appreciated. From what could be seen of his interactions with fans, I THOUGHT he seemed to be a nice person, but it is good to know that that is true. The "Official Clay Moore" Facebook page says that he is planning to post more matches on his Youtube channel soon. He seems to have been wrestling every night this week/weekend from Thursday on.