Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beefcakes In Action

Scott Dawson (right)

JD Maverick

Johnny Silver

Alexander Chamberlain (formerly Aleksander Chekhov)


AJ Styles

Mr. Atlantis (left)

Petey Williams


  1. Who's Dawson's opponent? He looks pretty beefcake, too.

    And who's in the last B&W shot? The poser looks hot.

    1. The beefacke in the last photo is a Hungarian wrestler whose name I can't recall. I'll try to look his name up.

    2. Is it J-Hawk?

  2. I was trying to ID Dawson's opponent by looking at his marches over the past 6 months on Cagematch. I didn't find him. The best candidate was Simon LeFort, but he wasn't a very good one.

    What I did discover is that his opponents are almost without exception the most consistently sexy group of hot men I've ever seen in doing such an exercise. Hotter than Scott, to be honest. I'd like to see his matches just to feast my eyes on them.

  3. please tell me that match with Dawson in the white trunks is on YouTube...

  4. Those are trunks and a hairstyle he used before the WWE changed his name. He was still KC McKnight here. Can't find the specific match, but here is one in the same gear against Kyle Matthews:

  5. You can't leave out that Mexx is wrestling here against the beefy Adrian Severe, and Mr. Atlantis is against ripped Scotty the Body (not to be confused with the Scotty that later became Raven).