Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sless Is More

Making his very first appearance here on Beefcakes of Wrestling is independent wrestler Sless Taylor.  Taylor was brought to my attention by one of this blog's longtime readers, Latinorazzler (thanks, buddy!). "Sweet Dream" Taylor wrestles for XWE Wrestling and American States Wrestling Alliance (ASWA). There are lots of videos of Taylor on YouTube; just type his name in their search field and you'll be directed to a pageful of links to his matches. Check these pics out and tell us what you think.


  1. who's the guy in blue and orange trunk

  2. A really really handsome wrestler, muscular but not too muscular; slim, but not too slim.
    Anyone know the name of the opponent in orange, is it Levi Connor? The one in the black and blue trunks I think is Eddie Smooth (?)

  3. Attractive, sexy, athletic ... ? Yes.

    Bland ? Yes.

    Compelling ? No.

    Advice: Develop a bit more character and maturity ... and shorten those tights.

  4. Assuming you didn't view his Youtube matches and just looked at the pics, how can you tell he's bland?
    As for developing, I believe he barely has a year as a pro, if that, so there is time.

    1. Thanks, I took your advice and reviewed a few YouTube matches.

      I stand firmly behind my original comments.

      Add to that - he has a shrill, high pitched voice. Doesn't do anything for me. He could benefit from a voice or acting coach.

  5. Handsome and very sexy!!!!