Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Body Shots : Tag Teams

Brian Nelson and Greg Glover

The Wolves: Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

Dash Wilder (formerly known as Steven Walters) and Scott Dawson

Ryan Slade (left) and unidentified partner

Robbie Dynamite and Rampage Brown

Sylvester LeFort (formerly known as Tom La Ruffa) and Marcus Louis

Eric Right and Dan Joseph

Yus Smith (right) and unidentified partner

Shane Haste and Mikey Nichols

Charlie Garrett, Joel Redman, and Iestyn Rees


  1. Oh yes ... A few hot stud muffins in this group. Nice!

  2. Lots of hot teams!

    I think that Slade's partner is AJ Smooth.

    I can't find anything about Yus Smith.

  3. Is Yus Smith his only gimmick? I keep finding that name associated with Hakim "Mad Dragon" Zane, but nothing to prove their the same guy.

  4. My best guess is that Yus Smith is aka Hakim Zane and his partner is TaDarius Thomas.

  5. Glover and Nelson are personal favorites of mine. They have been wrestling many years as "If Looks Could Kill."
    A muscled up tag team from South Africa (I think the vids are a few year old) is Road Rage (Rage and Fury):
    They're opponents are no slouches either.