Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Body Shots : Making An Entrance

Back in the so-called "Golden Age of Wrestling," wrestlers entered the ring wearing a robe that covered their bodies or a long-sleeved jacket zipped up to the neck. These days, wrestlers pretty much wear anything (some don't make the effort and just race down the aisle in their ring gear) like vests, muscle shirts, capes, hoodies, fur coats, even feather boas; it all depends on what image or character they want to sell us.  Which of these looks is your favorite?
Bobby Roode (part 1)

Roode (part 2)

AJ Styles

Iestyn Rees

Marty Scurll

Alexander Hammerstone

Davey Richards

Marshe Rockett

Ryan Slade

Eric Right


  1. Hammerstone. As long as he gets out of it ASAP. It'd be good if he does it in a sexy way.

  2. Marshe, which is a la A J Styles's hooded entrance, covered, yet showing off the ripped torso.