Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last -Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you still don't know what to dress as for Halloween, here are some wrestlers whose ring gear may give you ideas. Easiest costume to pull off...a Lucha Libre mask (and tights, if you have them).

No Lucha Libre mask? No problem. Something macabre will work just as well. The Freak (aka Rob Terry) always looks like he's dressed for Halloween.

Or maybe a mask like the one UK wrestler Thunder wears.
The gladiator is always a good look, just ask Mr. Atlantis.
If you prefer something savage-looking, take a cue from Caveman Chad.
Got a top hat, vest, and walking stick lying around the house? You can go as this, whatever it is.
A military-themed costume is kind of easy to put together, right Sgt. Major?
Jordan Miles mixes an old-timey carnival look with contemporary pieces. It's not Halloween-scary, but it's costume-y enough.
You want to come as a wrestler, but you don't want to show it all off? Wear a fancy robe or tough-guy cover-up.
Here's another pre-match garment that does the job (thanks, Drew Gulak).

Not shy? Come as a sexy stripper/wrestler like Sexy Kev (seen here with Mad Manson).
In a crazy retro mood? Let Macho Man Randy Savage be your style inspiration.
And if you don't want to dress as a wrestler, but still want to allude to pro wrestling, you can always come as a referee like WWE's Rod Zapata.



  1. Thanks on the Pics.Happy Hallowen..Hope that you see some Grreat Beefcakes trick or treating.

  2. That was fun! And you metioned one of my favorite wrestlers, Sgt. Major Alexander Paul. He's a long-time veteran and as Alex Adonis he really became blog-worthy in both physique and gear.
    My two favorite matches of his so far:
    and one against TNA Gunner. Sorry, can't find it.