Thursday, October 9, 2014

What A Heel!

One of New European Championship Wrestling's nastiest heels is The Arabian Star. Based in Germany, Hakem Wakuur also wrestles in different European countries and has recently teamed up with Turkish wrestler Murat Bosporus. Looking at the pictures below, you can see how much The Arabian Star loves to hurt his opponents. You can watch him in a match against Adrian Severe here.

Choking Freddy Stahl

Choking Mexx

Pounding Adrian Severe

Using Freddy Stahl as a doormat.


  1. Those long baggy pants with the flat crotch are deal breakers. He's history.

  2. Agreed. His harem pants are part of his gimmick, but the Daivari brothers, e.g., do a Middle Eastern heel act w/o them, as did the Iron Sheik of old.

  3. Trust me his crotch is not flat at all..

  4. I agree, those pants ruin the image. Either he makes them spandex, body armor - make them fit tight, or forget about it.