Saturday, March 7, 2015

Clay Moore Retires From Wrestling

Last February 23rd, indie wrestler Clay Moore wrote this on his Facebook page: "Everyone asks why I quit wrestling. The answer is simple. Kitana Quinn. My daughter was born on February 9th. Wrestling is fun, but if it's not giving my daughter the life she deserves, I won't do it." Here are some pics of Moore from early on in his short-lived career.

And now for some pics that are a little more recent.


  1. Good man, good father.

    It can't be easy combining raising a family with pro wrestling: generally low compensation (including medical coverage?), possibility of serious injury, and, worst, weeks on the road away from SO and children. Add the stressors of diet, supplementation, constant gym work, et al., and you have a formula for families feeling neglected than can end in divorce and custody issues.

    I'm amazed that more wrestlers don't retire upon starting a family.

    But the question is : what will he do now and will it truly improve his and his daughter's situation?

    I wish him good fortune in all his endeavors. Maybe someday he'll return.

    1. I believe that he works on the plant/maintenance staff of a local college. I suppose concentrating on the 9 to 5 career could open up possibilities for advancement.
      WIsh he'd post some more wrestling vids.

  2. Thanks Bruno. It would be a shame if his retirement went uncommemorated.
    It always seemed as if Clay was about to be "discovered" beyond local Tennessee promotions. He had matches with Crimson and Gunner, and seemed to be a headliner in USACW, and future star in SECW wrestling.The latter has gone on hiatus after one TV taping last year, which seemed to be the fate of his other main event appearances. A debut in Smoky Mountain Wrestling:

    never went anywhere, although he won the match and was in the greatest shape of his life. If you can do screen captures, try a few from that match.

  3. He'll be sadly missed: a beautiful man.

  4. Sad to see him go; happy it's for the right reasons!

    And I have to say--I LOVE the sword names. Clay Moore/Claymore, Kitana/Katana. I'm choosing to believe it's on purpose, because that just makes him TOO awesome.

  5. Actually these are all pretty recent pics. Before the all-white and all-black, he wore black/yellow/white square-cuts for years.
    I've seen one picture of him, when he must have been in his early 20s, in which he was wearing red trunks.