Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mega Muscle vs. Milk Chocolate

Who wants to see some hot tag team action? Click here to watch Mega Muscle, comprised of The Big O and Mike Verna, take on Randy Summers and Brandon Watts, otherwise known as Milk Chocolate. Here are some screen caps I made of said match.
Milk Chocolate enter the arena ready to wrestle.

Randy Summers entertains the fans with a song.

Mega Muscle enter wearing matching shirts and patriotic ring gear.

Milk Chocolate's pre-match ritual.

The match has already started. Why is The Big O still wearing a shirt?

Verna and Summers face to face.

Those masked thugs in the background will play a bigger role towards the end.

Teamwork from Milk Chocolate.

Verna gets a lot of punishment from both of his opponents.

But he manages to dish out some punishment, too.

The Big O's manager (not in image) does not want him to wrestle.
But The Big O eventually rebels and steps in the ring to save his buddy.

It's payback time!


The Big O is thrown out of the ring by Watts.

Summers gets a little cheeky.

The two thugs strip off their masks and jackets and proceed to
punish Verna, but The Big O steps in and saves his partner again.

Your winners...Mega Muscle!


  1. It looks like an outstanding match. I like Big O. A loyal partner.

    Is it ever explained why his manager doesn't want him to participate?

    Are the IDs of the masked guys revealed?

  2. Summers gets a 'LITTLE' cheeky?! Summers' shaved sphincter peaks out @ the 10:46 mark.

  3. SO jealous of those people in the front row at 9:30! I'd give anything to have Adam Ohriner fall into MY lap like that.

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  5. That was a lot more than just "cheek" that was showing!