Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Years Ago This Month

Here are a few of the images I posted on Beefcakes of Wrestling in March 2010.  Some of these wrestlers are still active, others have retired.  Who's your favorite from March 2010?
Pre-WWE Justin Gabriel (formerly known as P.J. Black)

Jaxon Dane

Mark Jindrak/Marco Corleone

Pre-TNA Gunner (formerly known as Phil Shatter)

A.J. Styles

Pre-WWE Mason Ryan (formerly known as Barri Griffiths)

Unidentified French wrestler

Anthony Bravado

Davey Richards

Unidentified Wrestler

Alex Koslov


  1. Jaxson Dane retired (b/c of a woman). The guy in camo shorts is Chip Archer, a Shannon Moore trainee, who is also retired (& was when you posted the photo).

    1. That was no woman, it was his wife. Dane also has two kids. Like Clay Moore, he probably needed to support them in a way indy wrestling just couldn't.

  2. It's easier for me to list who doesn't impress:

    Chip Archer (thanks you Thomas Simpson), Anthony Bravado, Tristan Gallo, and Phil Shatter (WTF--unrecognizable!).

  3. All the dudes are hot, but favorite would be Justin Gabriel. Those tiny trunks he would wear as PJ Black were so hot. Too bad the WWE seems to want for him to cover up. The guy is sex on a stick.