Friday, March 20, 2015

School of Hard Knox

Thanks to my good friend David for taking this cool shot of Hugo Knox at last Saturday night's NXT event. David says Knox did not wrestle in that show, he just gave an interview in his polka-dot ring gear.

And speaking of Knox, here's what the blog Mason's Ringside View had to say about him in the article Five To Thrive in 2015: "Former UK soccer player Hugo Knox made a big splash with his debut proving that he will be a face to look out for. Regardless of the Magic Mike/male dancer gimmick, he comes out with such enthusiasm and exuberance that it is contagious. That energy translates in the ring as well. Knox is not a small guy, but at times he moves just like one..." Here are more pics of Knox.


  1. Still hate the dots, but I suppose if anyone can carry them off, he can. OTOH, they wouldn't be so painful if he wore plain white kneepads.

  2. I do not greatly care for the dots, either, but why quibble about the wrapper, when the package is so tremendous?

  3. Please, where may we see some video of Hugo wrestling. It should be so nice!