Friday, March 13, 2015

Yes? No? Maybe?

What do you think of leaner, smaller yet still well-built wrestlers like the three guys featured here? Is there a place for them on Beefcakes of Wrestling? I know a lot of you like to see the much bigger, more massive bodybuilder types, but what about the so-called cruiserweights? Weigh in with your thoughts in the Comments section below. Now on to the wrestlers. First, here's Will Ferrara.

Next, here's British wrestler Jay White.

And last but not least, here's Ryan McQueen.


  1. These wrestlers serve only one purpose- to be served up as jobber meat for the Brian Cages and Rob Terrys of the world.

  2. I say there's room for everyone. Personally, I'm not into the bloated, bear types (think Big Show or Samoa Joe). But I could hang onto Ryback or Gunner or Cena just as well as I could tear that Justin Gabriel up! Woof!

  3. some fine smaller muscles making the trunks look good

  4. There is def room for studs like this on your blog! A hot wrestling stud is a stud no matter their height; proportion is what matters to me

  5. Some of my favorite wrestlers are on the smaller side. The major problem is that too many franchises tend to automatically consign them to jobber status.

    I like it when they show bigger guys that size isn't a guarantee of victory. On the other hand, I've seen some smaller wrestlers that have W/L records against larger opponents that are simply laughable.

    The fact that I'm 5'5 1/2" has absolutely nothing to do with my attitude! ;)

  6. There was sometime in the 80s or 90s when there was a kind of Golden Age of Cruiserweights. I used to listen carefully in those days when match intros generally included the wrestlers' weights. I noticed that a high proportion of my favorites weighed in at between 180 and 220#.

  7. The. 3 of them look great.My vote goes for Ryan. Mcqueen

  8. Will's got a fighting spirit that's hot. Ryan's not bad either resting in the corner

  9. If they're in good shape and cute, yes let's have more of them/

  10. Yes to hot well built wrestlers no matter their size -
    Can you say Stan Stylez?
    Hot guys under 5'8 easier to slam

  11. There is definitely room for smaller muscle wrestlers on this blog. All three of these muscle studs deserve the spotlight!

  12. I'd like to see more of them and a whole lot less of the fat, bloated, out of shape slobs dressed in spandex or trashy, junky costumes who beat their opponents by crushing them with their weight and show no wrestling skill. Just sayin...

  13. I expect that many of your eyes will glaze over as you read this comment, but I think it's fun, so I don't care!

    I took the heights and weights of 29 wrestlers I favor from Thunder's Arena and conjured a little statistics on them.

    The range of heights was 57-79", of weights was 150-300#. The most frequent height, the mode, was 70", the weight mode was 200#.

    The mean, or average height is 70.43", with a standard deviation of 3.64", which means the normal range is from 66.79 to 74.07".

    The mean weight is 204.7#. The normal range is 173.6-235.8#. BTW, 13/29 are 180-220#. I have pretty good instincts!

    The median height is 70", median weight is 202.5#. It simply means that half the wrestlers are shorter, half taller than that. Ditto the weights.

    The last statistic you have to put up with is correlation. If weigh increased perfectly with weight the correlation would be +1, decreased perfectly, -1. The correlation for my guys is +0.6364, which is a fairly high and statistically significant correlation.

    You can wake up now!

  14. Yes, yes, and YES! Shorter, smaller muscle hunks are just as hot, Hot HOT as their super-sized counterparts! Will, Jay, and Ryan are but three, sexy, bulging examples of why in the wrestling ring - as is the case in life - sometimes, LESS can be SO much MORE! :)

  15. Jay White is actually from New Zealand

    1. You're right, I forgot about that. He often wrestles in England, hence my tagging him as British.

  16. YES ! Run them !! Nothing I love more than a match between men on this weight and height level, going up against men of the same stature, or Bigger. Im sure these guys can take a Beat Down just a Hot as their bigger counter-parts, and can lay a Beating on another man as well. GO FOR IT !

  17. You're so right, jaygay!

    I don't get cable, so the last time I was able to watch TV wrestling was when I was in the hospital. It seemed to me as if there was a proliferation of just the kind of guys you mention. WWE was particularly egregious, with so many that they could practically have a show for them alone. But even more fitness oriented franchises seemed to have increased numbers,

    I don't like guys whose alleged muscles are encased in layers of blubber and appear to be able to win matches by simply sitting on their opponents.

    I weigh 230#. I'm obese. But I like to watch guys who are better than that.

  18. Well, I just want to voice the other side, that I do love seeing bigger, perhaps obese guys, but only if they're dishing out the punishment, especially on studs like these. I love seeing ripped muscles rendered helpless when a huge guy absolutely squashes them

  19. Why? It just seems like a complete waste of time! No real skill required. About as much excitement as watching paint dry.

    And do you for some reason resent handsome hunks? Were you bullied or socially excluded?

  20. I think that this is the match shown above. A shame he didn't take longer to beat that man down!

    24.01.2015. Top Prospect Tournament 2015 Semi Final: Will Ferrara defeats The Beer City Bruiser (5:30)
    ROH on SBG #177 @ 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. TV-Show

    In the Tournament Final, he was defeated by Donovan Dijak, 6'7", 273# in 9:58. That was truly a worthy match, even in defeat. Dijak was the participant I was rooting for as soon as I saw the Tournament announced, so, all in all, highly satisfactory.

  21. This is unacceptable jobberdom, Jay/Jamie White. This year he's been at NJPW, without a single win in five matches. Idiots. He should be flyin' high, not wallowing in the gutter.

    Type of Statistics Wins Draws Defeats Difference Matches
    Complete Statistics 5 0 21 -16 26
    Statistics for 2015 0 0 10 -10 10
    Statistics for March 2015 0 0 5 -5 5

  22. Hmmm, good question ... why do I love seeing hot studs squashed ... The full answer must be complex and there's no definitive way of knowing for sure ... but here's what I do know:

    I'm not obese now, but I've been big in not a good way. I've realized I've never been popular, so I'm sure I felt excluded so that's perhaps a bit of bullying. I've gotten in the best shape of my life recently, but realized I still don't look like the studs you and I enjoy. I think I'm very resentful of that.

    So yeah, you're probably right. I get satisfaction seeing hot guys pummeled because it's a kind of vindictive fantasy that comes from sexually desiring and wanting to punish such guys. I've admired wrestling for the skill in the past, but these days I like it more for the storytelling through physical force of two men stripped to their masculine essentials struggling to come out on top (the definition of any kind of fight or competition I suppose). I happen to like stories where the bigger guy is able to use his particular arsenal (brute strength and mass) to overcome his opponent.

    But maybe I'm just trying to intellectualize too much and in the end it just comes down to that I've mixed sex and revenge into wrestling as an outlet. I've talked to other guys who feel the same way (though who knows why seeing squash matches gets them off). Although it seems perhaps I'm in the minority here since no one ever seems to chime in with me when I voice such opinions here on this blog.

  23. Thanks Bruno for offering all sizes. For me it's always about the quality not quantity. I prefer the days when there was a Heavyweight Champion and a Cruiserweight Champion. They should be separate but equal. The smaller physiques are often the most appealing to me. At Musclemen of Wrestling, I try not to let sheer size be too much of a factor which is why at this post time, Seth Rollins and EC3 are #1 and #2 and Rob Terry is #49. Thanks again for a terrific website that I review and rely on quite often.