Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beefcakes On The Beach

So yeah, it's Summer. Time to hit the beach (or the pool). If you're lucky, you might come across one of these guys.
Chris "The Shark" Andrews

Cedric Rougeau

Peter Kaasa

Here are more beefy beach bods (these images were originally posted on this blog in July 2010). 
Nigel McGuinness

Damon Brix


Lupe Santiago (right)

Emil Sitoci


  1. I have this sudden urge to identify the hunk next to Lupe Santiago, whether he's a wrestler or just a wrestling fan with a freaking beach bod.

    Chris Andrews looks great, as always.

    Thanks for these amazing summer-spirited pictures, Bruno!

  2. Cedric Rougeau is lookin' big n' beefy in those beach shots. Love it!