Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Last month, The Hollywood Reporter coined the word stromo for straight actors "who amp up their appeal to gay audiences for pride and profit." You can read the article here. In it, social critic Mark Simpson says, "Men increasingly want to present themselves as available for fantasy to both sexes -- especially if they're heterosexual." Stromos are especially visible in pro wrestling. Think of all the beefcake wrestlers who flaunt their well-oiled bodies dressed only in spandex briefs and boots. Some of them have even adopted a "stripper" gimmick (e.g. Rick Rude, Val Venis, Sexy Kev). Here are just a few of the many stromo wrestlers who are still actively wrestling (basically anyone who's appeared in BG East or Cameron Matthews' videos). Who else should be in this list (past or present)?
Anthony Nese

Chris Dickenson

Alex Chamberlain (aka Aleksander Chekhov) 

Brian Cage

Kharn Alexander

Joey Ryan

Sexy Kev

Jesse Sorensen

Bro Mans : Jessie Godderz and Robbie E 

Randy Summers


  1. Very interesting. But I am not sure why you are assuming that all of these men actually are straight. I presume most of them are, but all of them? How do we know that is actually true?

  2. Definitely add Rene Dupree to the list!

  3. Whoa! I've seen most of these guys on Cameron's website or BG East, but where were the Bromans?

  4. You missed who I reckon are the top 3 - Ashton Vuitton, Chris Masters and Mark Jindrak (or Marco Colone as he is known in Mexico).

  5. Yeap this is Real Beef they definetly know their audience.Who can blame them.

  6. i want to see a chris dickinson vs tony nese match - so hot

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