Monday, July 20, 2015

Muscle Monday : Five Years Ago This Month

Here are the musclemen who were featured in this blog way back in July 2010.  Some of these guys are still active in the ring, some are semi-retired, and a few (like Anthony Bravado) have moved on to other things. Who's your favorite here?
Brett Barnes aka Brett Idol

Steve Lewington aka DJ Gabriel

Mike Hutter aka Derrick Bateman aka Ethan Carter III

Derek Sanders

Mike Mondo


Tommy Titus

Craig Goliath (wrestled Tank Toland in a video)

Derrick Hubbard

Anthony Bravado

Anthony Bravado and Unidentified Tag Team Partner


  1. Is Brett Barnes (Idol) still wrestling? There don't seem to be any recent YouTube matches posted.

  2. The unidentified wrestler is Tookie Tucker.

  3. The wrestler with Bravado is this man:

    Andrew Vain
    Active Also known as Andy Vain, Mike Preston, Protege
    Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
    Weight: 266 lbs (121 kg)
    Background in sports: Baseball

  4. Hubbard aka Janetty retired from the sport and is now a reporter. As of 2014, Golias was a professional bodybuilder.

  5. Derek Sanders is inactive. His last known match:

    11.01.2015. Blue Demon Jr. & Rocky Romero defeat The Border Patrol (Brian Cage & Derek Sanders)
    PWR @ John O'Connell High School in Watsonville, California, USA

  6. Tommy Titua is listed as active, but these are his last two known matches:

    09.02.2014. Buff Bagwell defeats Tommy Titus
    BWCW Slam Jam 2014 @ Richmond High School in Richmond, Michigan, USA
    11.07.2009. Alcatraz 187 defeats Tommy Titus
    AEI Decimation X @ Ramada Inn in Grayling, Michigan, USA

  7. tommy titus is so strong

    you have more pics from he?

  8. tommy titus is so strong

    you have more pics from he?